Living sincerely for a positive overall balance – Who is Johann Wiesböck?

After studying general electrical engineering, Johann Wiesböck started as a technical editor at Design & Elektronik in 1987. After three years, he took over as editor-in-chief and developed the event business with a focus on microcontrollers, processors and FPGAs.

In 1995, he initiated the Embedded Systems trade fair – now called Embedded World.

In 1998, Johann Wiesböck took over as editor-in-chief of the ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS editorial team and established this trade magazine as the leading information platform for electronics developers, manufacturing specialists, purchasers and electronics managers. In 2008, together with partners, he launched what is now Europe’s leading embedded software engineering congress for developers of software in electronic devices and systems.

As a lateral entrant into the field of trade journalism, Johann Wiesböck benefited from part-time training at the German School of Journalism in Munich. The rest was learning by doing. Today, he is a member of the Editorial Commission of the German Trade Press.

On the occasion of the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, Johann Wiesböck launched the “Elektronik hilft” campaign in 2011

Every year since then, a major special has appeared in ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS, with all proceeds going to Aktion Deutschland Hilft to help in disaster areas. As a co-initiator of the World Ethical Electronics Forum WEEF, Johann Wiesböck wants to promote ethical behavior in the electronics world and inspire the people working there for sustainability and fair play.

What drives you in life, Johann?

Personally, it is important to me to go through life upright and leave a positive overall balance. I use my talents not only for my success, but also for other people, society and the planet. Professionally, as a good trade journalist and editor-in-chief, I want to give useful impulses to the electronics industries and their people and share the fascination of electronics with them.

I am always motivated.

But I get the greatest joy when I can do something especially well or even succeed in a way that is different from what my environment thinks is possible. There is something of Till Eulenspiegel in me. My wish for the future is that people will once again take more responsibility for their actions and be more active in countering negative developments?

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