Fashion as a means of upheaval: who is Johanna Schlemmer?

Johanna Schlemmer is studying Fashion Journalism & Communication at AMD Munich. She was born in Landshut in 2002. She also works as a waitress in a restaurant and as a babysitter.

What drives you, Johanna?

For me, mutual tolerance and acceptance is important. Of course, this requires a lot of compassion. That’s what I want for the future: compassion, helpfulness, tolerance and acceptance for others.

I study Fashion Journalism & Communication to understand people better. Fashion shapes social consciousness. I would like to understand the different currents and backgrounds and partly also work on them. With my future work I want to make people think and get them out of their comfort zone. Fashion is often seen as very superficial. For me, it’s just the opposite: fashion is a superficial that goes very deep. I want to bring that to my future readers as well.

To me, life is about really being at peace with yourself and your choices. Through this, I hope that this constant competition, the devaluation of others, the hatred and negativity will disappear. In addition, my life is very much about health, whether mental or physical. That is why I am grateful for every day.

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