Committee for the pursuit of happiness. Part II. (43/52 – Terraism)

Illustration by Susanne Gold/ text by Ted Ganten
In this clip you will get more information on “Terraism”. Download the full book

In my last blog post I highlighted, that for many the pursuit for happiness will take the form of micro-dosing and pharmazeutical intake. This will lead to happy, but also very uncritical people, – which may in the end turn out to be an issue for the further development of our society. Therefore, Terraists would want to support and push for other ways into happiness.

Which other ways to happiness exist?

A relatively new and striving industry are the many expensive seminars designed to teach inner growth and happiness. The span is large and reaches from Tantra, over aura reading, self-experience courses, meditation up to trance, embodiment and neurolinguistic programming. There are hardly any state regulations in this area. From the point of view of the legal system it is simply a service – like ironing, car washing or wallpapering.

Can we add side rails to the way?

Of course, there is no right or wrong in something as personal as the search for happiness and inner peace. The right way for one person can be exactly be the wrong way for another person – because of his/her abilities, values or personal disposition. Still, I find it astonishing that one must have a training as a cosmetician to cut nails and remove skin impurities, but the area of “self-discovery” is completely blank. Sure, one must not be diagnostically or therapeutically active. But even understanding the line requires a certain amount of education. In this area, the association could provide a very basic training for everyone. Participants could then prove with a certificate that they uniformly respect certain boundary conditions and understand when and how to deal with difficult or clinical cases.

Do traffic signs make sense?

An overview of the various providers worldwide could also be provided on a homepage with evaluation by seminar participants. Perhaps, with a little research, it might even be possible to create a decision matrix for individual to see under which conditions, which awareness raising may be particularly promising. With a feedback loop one could train an artificial intelligence to come up with ever better and more individualized advise.

Does Terra have an  interest in our individual happiness?

On top of that, it would make sense to integrate the competencies for one’s own very personal path to happiness into state education from kindergarten onwards. Because one thing is clear: We will not save this world only through more sustainable energy sources, Homo Deus and population control. It needs more people who are happy and pass on happiness. It needs more people who have found or worked hard enough to bring peace to the world. It does not matter which theory you apply – whether you call it an energy level, a spiritual level, a transformative force. In the end, the collective is made up of individual people and the more people are peaceful and happy, the more likely the result on a collective level becomes. So, the successful pursuit of happiness and balance of the individual is not just a private matter. The planet needs it. Those who work for more authentic, fear-free, peaceful and happy children and grown-ups are working for the peace of the planet as a whole. A terraistic association should promote this on all levels.

Next week we will change perspective. Earlier in this blog we extensively reasoned why a goal like colonization of space  would be a great means to overcome national barriers and as a side effect help focus on planet preservation. Next week we will answer what Terraists can do to support the goal.

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