I do not wish for a new light bulb

Text and photo: Karin Sommer

I dream of a future in which the material has meaning. A future in which no one designs light bulbs that last only 2,000 hours and washing machines that are kept from doing their job for decades.

I dream of a world where the material is valued. A world that loves the physical because it is finite, asymmetrical, soft, and marred with wrinkles, scuffs, and scars.

I dream of a life that reveres the material. A life in which less can be more, that understands that resources need care and people need respect.

I dream of a present that stops glorifying the human mind with its infinite possibilities. A present that is able to see beauty in limitation. A present that admiringly begins to understand finitude. Now.

An initiative of anders wachsen im Oberland and Utopiensammlerin e.V.

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