The one who walks passionately on conscious paths: Who is Kristin Eissfeldt?

Kristin Eissfeldt was born in Munich in 1972 and is the mother of two high school-aged sons. Since completing her studies in socio-economics, Kristin has worked as a personnel recruitment consultant. She started her own business, “Eissfeldt Consulting”, in 2006 and at the same time went on a research trip: She explores why so many employees are dissatisfied, although at the same time organizations are increasingly looking for people who can think outside the box and shape change.

Kristin’s personal development journey led to various additional qualifications and, above all, to herself.

She is passionate about helping people find their own individual path: So that they can deal with each other more consciously in their teams and organizations and can and want to contribute their potential as comprehensively as possible. She is an all-rounder on the subject of people & culture and currently works multi-dimensionally: as an independent HR consultant on the one hand and as a coach & facilitator (organizational coach) as well as an international partner of the Conscious Business Institute on the other.

In addition, she offers workshops and trainings on personality, consciousness, team and organisational development. Since 2020, Kristin has been supporting the systems theorist, researcher and founder of the FORMWELTEN Institute, Gitta Peyn, and is active as a facilitator with topics such as complexity management, communication & conflict analysis.

What drives you, Kristin?

Above all, a deep look is important to me! Everything I do should make sense in a larger context.

We often just flit over everything: texts, news and even don’t see other people. In the process, there is a loud call for easily understandable content, for summarized “nuggets”.

I am convinced that in this way we do a lot but make little progress. Only when we learn to deepen our understanding and leave our comfort zone will we have a chance to face the meta-crises of our time. For this, people, approaches, concepts & currents must be brought together: We need to connect, network, exchange, complement and support each other!

It is important to me that we sincerely listen to each other instead of placing monologues. We must take time for each other, respond to each other, also argue vigorously sometimes and be able to admit not knowing anything.

We must not stop learning! For that, we need systems that do more good than harm. Systems that do not make us dissatisfied or sick. And above all, we need people who think and act consciously and take responsibility. In everything I do, I apply this standard to myself first. I wish for a humanity that wakes up and realizes that it is already later than five to twelve.

Want to know more about Kristin Eissfeldt?

Visit her website or one of her workshops – or follow her on LinkedIN or Twitter.

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