Just don’t swim with the crowd: Who is Marie Schmid?

Marie Schmid was born in Regensburg on 4 July 2002. On the American Independence Day. Of course she loves freedom! After graduating from high school, Marie Schmid moved to Munich, where she still lives today. Since 2020, she has been studying “Fashion Journalism and Communication” at the Academy of Fashion and Design (AMD). She wants to devote herself entirely to journalism. She is currently trying her hand at writing a book. For her, fashion journalism is more than just reporting on clothes. So much for “everything is the same”. She sees it as an opportunity to get involved socially and politically and to make statements. Besides writing, she loves she loves fashion, film, acting and art. She is a real fine spirit, “fine spirit instead of mindless”.

What drives you, Marie?

Not wanting to swim with the masses! Aren’t we always looking for more? Do we never find peace because we want to be perfect? Wanting to please others? In an increasingly fast-paced society, it seems important to me not to always follow every trend, but to listen to oneself. To live in the “now” and enjoy life. No matter what you do. No matter what you say. No matter who you are. People will never stop judging and condemning others. So you have to be happy with yourself. Even Pippi Longstocking made the world “as I like it”. You can definitely learn something from that. You should listen to yourself and realise yourself more often. If I hadn’t listened to my heart and just started any old degree programme, I probably would have been unhappy all my life. Life is too late for sometime. In times like these, we become especially aware of that. That’s why it’s especially important not to always follow the masses and to say “NO” once in a while. Even if it is against the trend. Do I really need a fifth white blouse or a third pair of black sneakers? Just because it’s trendy? We should ask ourselves: What am I doing to the environment and the next generation? “What I would like to see in our society is that everyone pays more attention to the environment and to their fellow human beings And give something good back to the world. Be it on a small or large scale. Nowadays, selfishness and often associated envy can be found in our society. Our society often marginalises individuals or does not accept them instead of embracing them. You never know what a person has just been through! So we should keep an open mind, because “the genius is error in the system”, as Paul Klee said. Our system often suffers from minorities being excluded because they don’t follow the masses. People then do things that are inhumane. In order to change something, we should start with ourselves, because that is already a step in the right direction: “Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself (Leo Tolstoy)

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