A student who simply wants to be happy: Who is Paula Pröve?

Paula Pröve is a student at the Academy of Fashion and Design. Born in 2002 in the north of Germany, in Braunschweig, moved to Barcelona when she was 13. There she did her Abitur at the German school in 2020 and returned to Germany again. This time it was to the south. To Munich. She now lives there and is studying Fashion Journalism and Communications in her first semester. Her interests lie in fashion and literature. She is fascinated by new and creative perspectives on the already long-established fashion industry.

What drives you?

I want to be happy. That’s what drives me. I’m at the very beginning of pretty much everything. I don’t have a career yet and I haven’t really built a life yet either. That inspires me. Of course I know that I won’t always be happy and that life won’t always be rosy. I am aware of that. But the drive to build a life that can withstand setbacks is growing. I don’t want to let it take the fun out of life.

Love of writing and fashion

I have always wanted to write. Many people advised me against it and until a few months ago I was firmly convinced that I would study business and learn a “sensible” profession. I am very grateful that I decided otherwise. My love of writing and fashion have always been consistent. The fact that I found a degree programme that combines both is a dream come true. I have never enjoyed learning as much as I do now.

I have never been so excited about the future while feeling so comfortable in the present.

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