The one who spins ideas for equal action: Who is Martin Geisenhainer?

Martin Geisenhainer was born in Koblenz in 1964 and facilitates the way to participative learning and work forms in organisations. After studying humanities in Bonn, he worked for many years in human resource development, looking at how people learn – and what stops them from doing so. Today, he supports organisations in finding out how they want to learn and work in their environment and helps them to create the necessary framework conditions, because the latter are often the inhibiting factors for employees’ energy and commitment.

What drives you, Martin?

It is important to me that people can be equally effective in social as well as in economic contexts. And for the future – tomorrow at the latest – I would like to see more of that. I am convinced that everyone can make valuable contributions to society and the economy to make the world and life richer and better. I am also convinced that the way education and work are organised today is a hindrance rather than an enabler. I want to change that by talking about it and spinning ideas about it. Changing it, by getting involved in corresponding projects and actively bringing the work on them to the market as my offer. This is not about me pretending – not about having answers and solutions. These can only be developed in organisations – and societies – through their own efforts. With a little outside help, different perspectives, uncomfortable questions and helpful distance. That’s where I come in.

Want to know more about Martin? Visit his website, or follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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