A Space Nation for Everybody? ( 14/52 – Terraism)

Illustration by Susanne Gold/ text by Ted Ganten
In this clip you will get more information on “Terraism”.

Last week we saw how powerful “collective actions” can be. Rules that businesses agree upon – usually under the supervision of industrial associations  – and that replace national legislation to some degree. Here is a second example how well a terraistic association could work.

The second Impetus: Asgardia

A great inspiration for me was the founding of “Asgardia” (www.asgardia.space). This is an association that has proclaimed itself as the first “space nation” in 2018. The clear goal is the colonization of the earth-near orbit – before it tackles the moon and Mars. Anyone who has internet access, signs a charter of tolerance (“Association Statutes”) and is willing to support the goal – regardless of religion, origin, gender and financial means – can become a “citizen”. At the time of publication of this essay, Asgardia has more than one million citizens from almost all countries of the world.

Is it a joke?

One may smile at that. But the thought changes the perspective and the perspective shapes the reality. Furthermore, Asgardia is not alone. The idea is widespread. Steven Hawking, too, has pleaded throughout his life to make the colonization of space a common goal. He wanted to increase the global research budget for this purpose from 0.2% of research funds to 2%. This would cause attention to explode due to the media impact of research in this area. He also had a similar thought. The common goal for humanity outside the planet can ultimately save the planet. A good investment.

Is it a hype?

Nations such as India, China and Russia are also using their space programs to attract media attention. Unfortunately – in contrast to Asgardia – to differentiate, stand out, build national pride. The race of nations into space has long since begun. The Trump Administration is using the creation of a Space Force and the orientation of NASA towards the colonization of the moon in 2025 to deflect internal tensions. A nice example that the topic is in the wrong hands – not strengthening global cohesion. On the contrary, if it remains with the big competing nations, it may encourage peak performance – but unfortunately with a danger for peace. This is precisely why I find the founding of Asgardia inspiring. It is a planet wide undertaking. Not to stand out, but to unite.

Are these thoughts powerful enough to turn the ideas of a terraistic associaition into a game changer. Does it stand a chance?

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