Creativity as a driving force and means of criticism: Who is Cornelia Harss?

Cornelia Harss was born 1958 in Sigmaringen.

Already as a child she painted and won prizes. She often made caricatures of her teachers at school. In her later life she continued to paint and caricature. Until today she draws caricatures for the Bonn environmental newspaper. After 15 years in the theatre, the trained theatre painter decided to pursue a freelance artistic career and has exhibited her work in several international exhibitions.

What drives you, Cornelia?

When a good fairy fulfils everything? Then I have a wish list in headwords: Stop climate change, fight new epidemics, more tolerance and empathy among each other (also among women), unconditional basic income, less surveillance, no more wars and abolition of the climacteric thanks to medical progress for women

The main driving force of my life is creativity. That I can always find new ways to react to what is happening around me, to continue a thought or to point out grievances in the form of a caricature. I also like to tell stories in my paintings or to imagine the future like in the shown picture the future of painting.

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