A fun-loving free spirit on journeys – around the world and to himself. Who is Ben Korbach?

Benjamin Korbach was born in Stuttgart in 1985 and is today a digital nomad, project manager, expert in overcoming life crises and former banker.

While working in a bank, he climbed the career ladder until he had to admit to himself in a hard way that this is not his life. After his resignation in 2017, he went into business for himself and today helps people to see their truths faster than he did. Because – Ben has spent a whole eleven years as a bank employee, although he knew early on that he didn’t belong there. However, he lacked perspectives and inspiration and seemed to be trapped in his own life. Although there was no obvious reason for this, he became increasingly unhappy. Today he knows that he was in the middle of a quarter-life crisis.

He would have needed someone to help him resolve this life conflict. This is exactly what Ben Korbach now does for other people: He has packed the knowledge and experience of his “outbreak” into articles and online courses, all of which aim to empower people to redesign their lives.

Today he shows his customers with simple techniques, modern tools and inspiring stories how they manage to find and live a new life model for themselves. He gives them a framework in which they can find out individually which life is desirable and right for them. Today, he is a source of inspiration for his customers when it comes to finding the answer to: “What do I really want? And how do I get this into my life?”

Ben, what’s important to you? What drives you in life?

In 2019 there are countless possibilities and concepts for living. The time has never been better to chase your dreams. The only problem is: Nobody tells us this, we often have to find it out by ourselves with great effort. What do I really want? Although this question is extremely important in times of almost unlimited possibilities, we find it extremely difficult to answer. One reason for this is that we are not used to dealing with ourselves.

But if we do not do this and do not find out what we really want, all the possibilities and our freedom can become a burden. The question at the back of your mind is always, “What if I’ve made a completely wrong decision?” If you then do not know what to do, this can even lead to a crisis, as once happened to me. I got out of it by going on a journey, to distant lands and more to myself. Looking at myself from a distance but honestly while I surrounded myself with inspiring people has changed everything.

From science to spirituality, from physics to Buddhism, from the financial system to the question of what constitutes a fulfilled life: all these topics are incredibly exciting and all too often you can find common ground at the core. Complex hidden and nested truths, but which are quite plausible and easy to use once they have been dug up. Each individual can benefit from them, firstly to understand the world and finally to better understand themselves.

That’s what I’m burning for. I’m a dream hunter.

Ben Korbach


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