The one where the imagination does somersaults: Who is Ulrike Parthen?

Ulrike Parthen, kick-off Christmas Eve 1968, source of ideas tapped for the first time at the age of 10 – her German teacher at the time was so surprised. As a result, she put a thick note in red under Ulrike’s essay: “Your imagination has done a somersault today!” Her professional career was thus well sealed. At the age of 21: the lateral entry as freelance proofreader, later advertising editor, still a little later the training as copywriter. Afterwards he wrote classical advertising texts for companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Almost 30 years after her career change she still writes – in the meantime exclusively Portraits, biographies, good stories and books.

What drives you, Uli?

I like people who have the courage to stand up for their values, their goals and their opinions. Unfortunately, I myself am not courageous in all matters. When it comes to communication, however, I suddenly turn into a world champion courageous advocate of being real. My health history has had a decisive influence on my current attitude: from 1983 to 2017 I had everything X-rayed about a million times, looked into everything that you can only look into, had CTs, MRTs and ultrasounds. Liters of blood were taken and so many nonsensical recipes were handed over that I could easily wallpaper a three-family house with them. I’ve been through an incredible number of clinics and got to know the emergency room from the inside several times. With my opinion on the matter and my own deep conviction, I felt like the loneliest fighter in the universe.

I always knew that there was a solution and that the gentlemen were all on the wrong track. In my case, it was probably much too simple for anyone to ever think of.

I stand for absolute honesty in cooperation and communication, for individual differences. Automatically has the consequence that I dissociate myself from manipulations of any kind.

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