The one who dances creatively and playfully with intuition: Who is Ulrike Parthen?

Ulrike Parthen, Kick-off Christmas Eve 1968, grew up in Swabia. Ex-advertising editor, ex-advertising copywriter, early riser with a penchant for cheese bread and walks in the woods. Through intuitive writing, she creates cheerful stories in novel form for herself and others – as an exciting alternative to the expert book or conventional biography. In workshops she also introduces interested people to intuitive writing and its healing effects.

What drives you, Uli?

In infancy, the brain still functions perfectly, because it knows very well how to make us happy together with the body. That changes quickly. Negative imprints, prohibitions, evaluations as well as dysfunctional communication from the outside bend us quite quickly. One more, the other less. At some point the brain thinks to itself: Got it! Acting intuitively is not desired. Then we just try it differently. And because the brain is highly clever, it naturally finds ways and means. Not all of them are good for us.

Since the body hangs directly under the head and is connected with it by billions of nerve cells, the information arrives accordingly fast also with it, which reads: Things run now differently! The body thinks “Huh? What’s that for `n shit?” and gives clear signals. But we don’t listen to it and think we can solve all our problems by a lot of logical thinking. We are on the wrong track with this and some people never even realize it. I, on the other hand, only needed a measly 50 years. The good news at the end: Really all human brains on this earth function in the same way. So there is hope for each of us.

My conclusion is ergo as follows:

Back to the roots. Brain and body harmonize perfectly with each other from birth. So this is nothing new for us – we have only unlearned it, but we can train it again. Intuitive writing is a helpful tool for this. That’s why I practice it in my own created method and pass it on to others in workshops.

More from Uli? You can send her an email here! Or visit her website for more information on intuitive writing or find her on LinkedIn or Youtube.


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