The one who helps the cities and communities. Who is Stefan Müller-Schleipen?

Stefan Müller-Schleipen is managing partner of Immovativ GmbH. There he is in charge of digital urban development and international expansion. Born in Hanover, he began his professional career as a Lufthansa pilot and held various positions there for many years. In addition to his work as a pilot, he has participated in aviation safety projects, trained pilots and was vice-chairman of the captains’ staff committee. He has many years of experience in the fields of digitisation, human resources management and communication.


What’s important to me?


Through my work as a pilot I have been able to learn a lot about the world and about myself. The everyday problems that often make life difficult for us in Europe are completely meaningless in other parts of the world and teach us to appreciate life and not take it too seriously. The many “I must”, “I can’t”, “I must not” that obstruct us so much, we should meet much more often with “Yes, I want”, “Why not” or a simple “Yes”, to free us from the daily constraints and to make the most important thing in our lives. It’s easy to live! It is important to have the right amount of humor and above all to be able to laugh about myself.

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