Who is Heiner Monheim? Biography

Heiner Monheim is a geographer, urban planner, traffic expert and crossover artist between science and practice. Since 1995 he has been Professor of Applied Geography, Spatial Development and Regional Planning at the University of Trier, since September 2011 Emeritus.

For many years, he has been fighting with passion and energy for more liveable cities, better public transport, for modern, innovative transport policies and against crazy large-scale projects. His thematic focuses are mobility in general and especially walking and cycling, public transport, urban development and traffic. He is co-founder and owner of the raumkom Institute for Spatial Development and Communication with headquarters in Trier and a branch office in Bonn

You can learn more about him, his books and films here



What drives me? Who am I?


Since early childhood I have been committed to more space for walking and cycling, better public transport and fewer cars in town and country. I love beautiful towns and villages and suffer from the distortions caused by car-friendly planning




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