Who is Gunter Dueck? Biography

Gunter Dueck is a lateral thinker who is also called “Wild Duck”, or “Wilddueck”, by some people. He interferes, comments and asks many questions. After studying mathematics and business administration, he worked for five years as professor of mathematics at the University of Bielefeld. For IBM, he worked for around 25 years as Chief Technology Officer and was involved in various projects, for example in the technical orientation and strategic planning of the group.

Speaker and author since 2011, he represents a wide range of fields and deals with ideas for a better world. He talks about education, the future and digitalisation. His opinion on a wide range of topics is sought after. Countless Internet users read his homepage columns and Twitter news. His videos on YouTube have already been viewed thousands of times. On the homepage “dueckantwortet.de” he answers and comments on various questions and regularly publishes podcasts.


What’s important to me?


I’m not sure. I am now 67 years old, so my priorities are changing. I mean, do they understand me deeply enough? Another answer for days of reflection: I have written three volumes of “Omnisophy” on the meaning of life. I quote the last sentence: The meaning of life is that people full of meaning never need to know that.

If you want to contact me, order signed books or need my tax number, please have a look at my homepage under contact/imprint…

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