Who’s Sue Doma? Biography

Sue Doma, born 1962, is a fitness trainer and hobby musician – with a focus on washboard and singing.

Who am I?

I am the only child of two very young hippies. For me this meant a lot of free development and – hardly any attention.

When I was seven years old, my father – an engineer for chemical/technical plants – left our family to marry a student.

From then on I grew up in Oberschleissheim near Munich in a ghetto block in which I felt very comfortable.

There were many friends and I had a dog, which I lovingly cared for, while my mother was constantly searching: for herself on the one hand and for a new man on the other.

I was the champion in truancy, but still managed to pass the middle maturity quite reasonably.

After training as a medical assistant, I immediately switched to another industry and worked as a clerk in a hip clothing company.

There I met my later husband. We were both 24 years old when we got married. We had a common dream of a life on the Maldives.

We made this dream come true and stayed for a whole year on an island as big as a football field. There we worked in the island’s own diving school.

After our return I had two children and was happy as a housewife and mother. Since I have always been a keen sportsman, I trained as a licensed fitness trainer. I was able to combine children and work wonderfully and thus contributed to the family income.

After 17 years of marriage our ways separated. I moved back to Munich with the children from the Erdinger Land and was directly happy about all the traffic jams, full trams, all the hectic and the many people in the big city.

Today I still practice my profession with great joy and motivation and hope to stay healthy and fit until retirement in 10 years.

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