Privacy Paradox: Do we want privacy or not?

Online, many of us disclose our data, communicate via social media, use dating portals and payback cards relatively carefree.

When travelling on the net, many people seem to be indifferent to the fact that they disclose their data – be it information about their current whereabouts, buying behaviour, photos in social networks, preferences and plans. Digitally, many of us are chatterboxes who are willing to give information.

In real life, on the other hand, we would not let our neighbors leaf through our photo albums, invite them to inspect our food, or let strangers enter our children’s room – most of us are really concerned about our privacy in “real” life.

This contradiction between carefree behaviour and concerns about lack of privacy is called the privacy paradox.

The term was first coined by the US media scientist Susan Barnes.
The protection of the data seems to us indifferent and important at the same time: We act paradoxically – privacy paradox!

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