How do self-disciplined people manage to win the battle against their7n inner bastard?

Kentaro Fujita, who is researching self-discipline at Ohio State University, believes that they do not fight at all. They simply enjoy the things they do: sports, learning and healthy eating.

Money, routine and genetics make it easier for them

Self-disciplined people do sport regularly and eat healthy food routinely. This routine makes it even easier for them to stay on the ball. Futjitas research has shown that self-disciplined people are even genetically less susceptible to temptation. Often these self-disciplined people also have the appropriate monetary means, for example, to be able to afford high-quality and healthy food, a coach and so on.

Give up the fight against the bastard?

No – it is worthwhile not to lose sight of your goals. Because a part of our personality wants it.

One question is always worth asking – What is our life really about? Deep and to the core?

About discipline and goal achievement? I guess not, right? I mean, we just have to find the healthy things that fill us with joy!

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