Why work less?

The futurologist Horst Opaschowski puts forward the thesis that we used to be poor when we had no work. Today, on the other hand, we are poor even though we work. By that he means the poverty of life. This is fed by missed opportunities, little free time and sacrifice. Poor time for social ties, cultural pleasures, creativity and personal development. Not missing a utopian question book entry? Register as a subscriber with your e-mail.

Susanne Gold

Gründerin & Herausgeberin des Zukunfts- und Wissenschaftsblogs Utopiensammlerin

Futuristin, Utopistin, Erfinderin und Sozialwissenschaftlerin. Sucht Utopien und sammelt Geschichten. Versteht Digitalisierung als Aufbruch in eine neue Welt – und träumt von einer besseren.

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