The headstrong Ulixeus – the world in a hundred years.

Illustration Susanne Gold, Text Daniela Hofer

“I’m hot,” she moans.

He looks at her smiling, “Why don’t you turn on your internal air conditioning to prevent overheating?”

“Because I’m human?”

She raises her forehead in wrinkles and for a moment seriously considers whether this statement is correct.

In today’s world, where there are hardly any differences between robots and humans, this insight is not even that certain.

Shaking her head, she picks up the newspaper and immediately notices a headline.

On 12.8.2118. by exactly 24°° the breakthrough for eternal life was achieved.

With eyes wide open she continues reading.

For the first time in the history of mankind it was possible to transplant a dead soul into a robot body and the soul lives again.

She sighs loudly and says more to herself, “Live zombies.”

She closes the newspaper and gives it to Ulixeus, the robot man, with the words: “Use this newspaper for the fire for the fireplace and use it now The robot raises its eyebrows and looks at them questioningly. Slightly annoyed, she takes a white piece of paper and writes a note on it. Then she throws the door in the lock.

Ulixeus takes the note and reads.

Disable question mode of U. and when I am in the lab, modify my memories, I can remember feelings of heat and cold. Smiling smugly, the robot takes the paper and crumples it up.

He writes a new note with a completely identical font.

Life is wonderful, I remember again warm and cold. Increase the question mode of U. one level.



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