Who is Aenne Barnard? Biography

Aenne Barnard is a computer scientist and has been working for a large electrical engineering and digitization company in Munich for several years, now in the Innovation Communication department.

Who am I?

The most important thing for me is my family and I thank God that I can share my life with exactly these people. Oh dear, how does it sound boring and stuffy, like math and Latin homework, like baking a cake and a life crisis coming up, when the chicks only scratch in their own sand. How good that besides the most important thing there are many second, third and fourth most important things, like my job.

Although I am a computer scientist, I have not written anything in C or Java for a long time now, but have concentrated exclusively on German prose. In the communications department of a large company, I work on getting research and innovation out of the nerdy understanding-that-is-not-human-corner and preparing it in an easily understandable way. My biggest enemies are nominalized word monsters and boring verbs.

Mathematics and science have always fascinated me. I like it when the apparent chaos follows a logical causality or even follows a simple formula. I am convinced that research and innovation can show us new ways to ensure that our world will still be a good world 100 years from now. Much greater are my doubts, however, as to whether humanity will have the courage and wisdom to follow these paths.

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