Who is Madeleine Blaschke? Biography

Madeleine Blaschke trained as a biological technical assistant after business school and then worked for 13 years in research at various universities. During this time she started working as a journalist and photographer. She writes cultural reviews for daily newspapers and takes photographs. She is currently undergoing further training in the “International Management” segment.

Who am I?

I want to inspire people to listen to themselves and find their “I”. To make them accept themselves as they are – with all their feelings and thoughts and encourage them to play with their thoughts and utopias.

In my free time I dance flamenco and sing. I’m also a Tiffany Glass Art pseudo-artist.

Since the year 2000 I have been a member of the German Live-Aciton-Roleplayer Association “LARP”. There I can try things out, bring things to life that are not possible in my everyday life. I have different characters that I play there: From a narrow-minded priestess to a flower-throwing hippie teacher of meditation.

My bitch is also a role player: she looks like a fox. That is why I have the role of “fox mummy” in my everyday life.

You can find my book here. Contact me via my official Facebook page, where you can find my photographs.




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