Imagination and mind – a dream couple?

With imagination we go on a journey

She knows no limit, no time. Everything is possible in the imagination. We can go anywhere – to distant planets, to a paradise, to a hell, before birth and in the time after our death. The only limit our imagination knows is ourselves. Imagination arouses longings. It has led people to travel across seas and discover other continents.

Imagination is only bearable in the company of the mind.

(Friedrich Hebbel)

With reason we remain

He put the fear of God into us. Warn us and whisper that it won’t work. That it’s too risky and we shouldn’t do it. He is the reason, the caution, the staying here, the security. It is the mind that taught people to farm and to abandon the nomadic life.

The mind can tell us what to avoid. But the heart can tell us what to do.

(Joseph Joubert)

Imagination gives us the wings and the mind the ability to test our ideas and assess risks. So that we can fly safely through our dream worlds – travel through time, visit foreign planets and invent things: What a team!

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