A magician on a quest. Who is Marten Steppat?

Marten is a writer and storyteller


Already in his school days he began to write stories to bring his messages to the world. Today, he also formulates the visions of other people and companies in order to market them in an easily understandable and convincing way.


What drives you, Marten?


This best describes my never published story, which I made up as a child: A young magician sets off in search of paradise to discover a better world for everyone. The message of the story should be that we all carry paradise within us and can create it by our own efforts.


With my lyrics I want to inspire and make people think, but without missionizing or imposing an opinion on anyone. In storytelling I found the ideal means to offer perspectives and messages that can both entertain and spread new ideas.


I love to use different genres to package the ideas I want to spread. But I especially like to write fantasy and science fiction, I am enthusiastic about the topic of artificial intelligence and combine it with the world of the Victorian age, because I like to unite apparent opposites.


Since not everyone wants to learn the craft of storytelling on their own, I also formulate the visions and missions of others, so that these too find a way into our hearts.


Why I became a utopia collector?


Especially the section “The World in 100 Years” has impressed me. Everybody wishes for a future in which problems were solved, helpful inventions made life easier and people improved.


The question “what if” alone triggers ideas in us about how such a vision can become reality. And I want to do my part to spread these visions and sow seeds that will one day bloom.


Contact Marten? Look at his side? Is there any way that you could..

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