The one with the many roles: Who is Daniela Hofer?

Who am I?

My name is Daniela Hofer, I am 45 years old, have a grown son and am married. I come from Tyrol and moved to Vienna in 2004. There are many roles I fulfil: mother, wife, fool and comedian, healer, guardian, gold digger for precious souls, listener, child and rebel. It always depends on the context. Despite all the roles – I always remain true to myself.

Together with my husband I work in our massage studio at the Kühnplatz. There I am in our office and as an Aromaline-Burnout-Pratictioner and Slim-Relax-Coach. Before that I completed my training at the UNI Clinic in Innsbruck to become an RTA (Assistant for Radio Technology). Afterwards I studied – also at the UNI Innsbruck – psychology and educational science.

At the moment I am also training to become a life and social counsellor and for supervision. It is very important to me that despite all progress and advancing technology, people are still seen as the centre of all theory and practice. The technology, the economy – everything – should be based on people and not vice versa. The human being is always in the center of attention for me. This is how I imagine the year 2118 to be.

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