No borders, no nations: Who is Julius Klüver?

Julius Klüver was born in Filderstadt near Stuttgart as a creative multi-talent. He began studying humanities at Alanus University. He became also interested in business administration and art. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He then earned a master’s degree in cultural and music management at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Today he lives in the Rhineland.

Creative freedom

Julius Klüver is a successful entrepreneur in music and event management. He observes how, on the one hand, we live in a world of boundless possibilities, and on the other hand, many people feel constricted and often lonely. They are increasingly reflecting about work-life balance, a life as a digital nomad, or dropping out altogether. As a consequence, Julius Klüver wants to create spaces for creative energy in which p.ex. it’s normal for women to dance topless, for men to wear lipstick, and for people to come in a bathrobe if they want to without having to justify it.

Life is beautiful!

Julius Klüver brings imaginative freedom and happiness into everyday life. All people should be able to experience and live their creativity in their own individual way. In this way, social pressure to conform can be creatively transformed in a peaceful way. To this end, prejudices, bias and conventions must first be questioned, both individually and in society as a whole. Julius Klüver wants it to be accepted as a matter of fact when, for example, heterosexual men wear high heels. Simply because they like it. It is important to him that one is not pushed into a ‘pigeonhole’ on the basis of supposedly valid social standards and, in the worst case, is disadvantaged or even persecuted. Ethical values, responsibility and a clear code of conduct, enforced at the events, determine the organization of his events.

Art Club: rethinking celebration

Every human being is an artist – Joseph Beuys. Julius Klüver sees partying as artistic practice and has had great success with it. The world is a stage. He integrates theater, visual arts, music and entertainment into an exciting Gesamtkunstwerk. By means of artistic techniques, with stage design, scripts, video installations and performances, new worlds are created. The audience is a spontaneous and also choreographed part of the stage. Fantastic performances, new roles and characters are invented.

Cisneyland is on fire

With the title Cisneyland wird abgebränd he playfully and ironically refers to 100 years of Disney corporation and branding, creating new rainbow worlds. There are no limits to his enthusiasm for unconventional themes and extraordinary visual concepts.

With his unflinching optimism, he is convinced that humanity, free from ideological restraint, can constructively tackle even the almost insoluble problems we face with progressive thinking. For fear and a lack of freedom paralyze the mind. Only with positive energy can solutions be developed!

Julius Klüver is also founder of the successful event platform and conceptual co-founder of, the Kinkyqueerartclub. Everyone is welcome! And people love to participate as a creative part of the new wonder worlds, in the realization of a social utopia of tolerance, peace and freedom.

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