Mathematician, coach and resilience expert: Who is Silke Wolf?

Silke Wolf is a coach, consultant and trainer for resilience and healthy leadership. She was born in Würzburg in 1971, has a degree in mathematics and spent 16 years as an IT consultant helping to drive digitalisation in various large companies, experiencing the limits of her capabilities first-hand. After training as a certified private and business coach, she began working in the field of burnout prevention in 2014. In this new role, she helped organise health days in companies, coached managers and employees, and held lectures and seminars.

What drives you, Silke?

Companies that want to be fit for the future not only need resilient employees and managers, but also a culture in which they can grow and develop their potential. My focus is on bringing a new and healthier consciousness into companies so that everyone can use their inherent creative power profitably, for their own good and for that of the company. Would you like to get in touch with Silke? Then visit her website or write her an email.


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