Not just a vocation: Who is Ella Priesnitz?

Ella Priesnitz was born 1988, lives and works in Munich. Not being able to commit oneself to just one calling and passion may sound like commitment phobia to some people, but for Ella Priesnitz it is the consequence of an unquenchable hunger for learning and the fun of diversity. The communication specialist for audiovisual media is a trained sinologist, draws and paints analogue and digital, plays five instruments, learns the fifth language (not counting Bavarian) and discusses various literature in a book club.

What drives you, Ella?

This feeling of not having enough time scares me sometimes. But it also drives me. There are so many things I want to do, try out and improve. Is there a more satisfying feeling than learning something new? Of course I want to apply what I have learned. If my actions then serve a purpose that I feel is meaningful, I am happy.

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