Mikkel Loose

Mikkel Loose – The one who pushes the limits of technology for what really counts: fun!

Mikkel Loose is a recently graduated Data Scientist with a MSc in Computer Science specialized in Natural Language Processing. He is currently looking for new fun projects centered around AI. Being born in the small town of Kalundborg, Denmark in 1991, Mikkel ventured to the big city of Copenhagen in 2013 to begin a professional career in AI. With a Bachelor- and Master’s degree centered around computer science, linguistics and machine learning, and professional experience from consultancy jobs as well as internships, Mikkel is now looking for new opportunities in the world of NLP and AI to help make the world a better place. This, being one of Mikkel’s key traits, along with a natural curiosity towards provoking the status quo, makes for creative ideas and projects to emerge.

What drives your spirit?

I want to make fun and thought-provoking projects that help the world to become a better place, and make people raise questions about the society we are living in. Life is not about efficiency and optimization; but it’s about having as much fun as possible. I think technology can help us in this regard, as a sort of reorientation into what is really important.

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