Coach with whispering stories – Sabine Kunz

Sabine Kunz, born 1967 in Kassel, Germany, is the face and voice behind whispering stories.

For many years she worked with passion in the pharmaceutical and commercial sector.
But her heart beats for children and old people and so you can meet her in her current job at the elementary school as a caregiver, or as a volunteer in a retirement home.

Together with her daughter, her current husband and his children, she has been living the patchwork family adventure for 9 years, which has not always been easy and fulfilling. And so began her journey to herself.

She completed a training as an intuition and vocation coach and individual training in the field of inner child work.

During this time she discovered her love for writing. And later on to setting music to music. She burns to remember herself and others again. Of us, who quickly forget ourselves in everyday life, or get lost in learned patterns.

But why whispering?

Because through whispering she creates an atmosphere that is different. The listener is more focussed, is quasi asked to listen carefully. He can grasp exactly what is important for him. There is something intimate about it, as if one is experiencing a secret, something intended only for the listener.

You can hear whispering stories here. If you want to read more about Sabine, click here





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