Is man a machine capable of learning?

In our time, the question of whether a machine can become human is in the foreground.

But- could humans be machines?

Psycho-cybernetics is determined by the idea that the human body is a machine. Although humans do not appear like machines, they use their bodies as such often enough.

The findings of psycho-cybernetics could provide information about why people behave the way they do. One of their findings is that people have a mechanism for success.

Babies learn with the concept of success and failure

A baby that learns to eat with a spoon often misses the mouth. Many times, the little hand must guide the spoon towards the face to hit it. As soon as the porridge has successfully landed in the baby’s brain for the first few times and not in the environment, the information is recorded as a success in the baby’s brain. This profit posting serves as stored information for future situations. No healthy adult no longer misses his mouth when eating. People learn from their successes and failures – they have a built-in success mechanism, like a machine.

Be successful with fantasy?

Suppose a person wants to take up a sporting challenge – a marathon run, for example. The human nervous system does not distinguish between experience and the imagination of an experience – our memory resembles a creative process. Consequently, it reacts according to what we believe or imagine to be true. If we now imagine that we can create a marathon run, do we come closer to success in reality?

Is the idea of a reality sufficient to cause it?

Followers of the theory of the psychological thesis of self-fulfilling prophecy would immediately answer this question with a definite yes.

Hypnosis – when a suggestion becomes real

Dr. Theodore Xenophon Barber at the American University in Washington found that hypnotized people were easily operated on without anesthesia after being told they could not feel any pain.

A warning and a challenge at the same time?

Pay attention to your feelings
, because they become words.

Pay attention to your words
, because they become actions.

Pay attention to your actions
, because they become habits.

Pay attention to your habits
, because they become your character.

Pay attention to your character
, because it will become your destiny.

(unknown author)

Provided that we humans are machines that have a mechanism of success that we can activate by the power of our imagination:

Can we use this power of imagination collectively for a better and fairer world?

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