Who is Susanne Gold? Biography

Founder of Utopiensammlerin. Born in the baby boom years, 1967 – in Hamburg. Social scientist. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Consultant for innovation communication. Big-picture guy. Can neither knit nor cook excellently. Lives in Munich. Invents things and writes texts.

What drives me?

I’m not sure we’ll all be born again. I am not a religious person, although I understand life as a miracle.

I want to make the most of the one life I have for sure! I mean, it may be my only opportunity. I don’t want to miss this!

People fascinate me: their stories, their thoughts and their fates.

We all accompany each other on a journey. From unknown origin to unknown destination. That is why fellow human beings are points of reference for me.

I see something in almost every person that I find beautiful and unique. That’s probably my best talent.

I want to be able to say at the end of my life that I have really lived. That’s what drives me.

You can read more about me and my motivation to found the blog Utopia Collector here.

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