The world in a hundred years – bacteria, mice and DNA have changed the world

by Daniela Hofer

It all began a hundred years ago – language and digitally moving images were inserted into DNA

At the beginning of this research a digital image was inserted into the DNA of mice. The DNA of a bacterium was supplemented with the book “War and Peace”, only how this research developed in 100 years, nobody could have guessed.

It is the year 2118 and it is now common knowledge that with the help of bacteria and their DNA expansion there is an infinite amount of storage space available

First, the information is inserted into the DNA of the bacteria. The bacteria are then killed and preserved.

Through a complicated technical process, which is not accessible to the general public, the bacteria are processed in memory cards. So there is storage space in large quantities and cheaply available.

Bacteria have the advantage that they are available almost indefinitely

That is why everyone is happy about a small and harmless cold, because money can be earned with the bacteria. Large corporations buy large quantities of bacteria and process them into storage space.

A lucrative business for buyers and sellers!

But there is another very lucrative source of income.

The research that began with mice and the small digital images in the DNA is much further along today. You can use it to determine the appearance of your child, the “baby design”. This technique is highly regarded.

It can even be used to determine, by inserting more information into the DNA, how the child will develop and even – what interests it will have.

To manipulate the development of a human being, a chip is transplanted in addition to the DNA change

This chip converts the inserted DNA information into feelings. The child thus believes to go through a completely free puberty and development, although the parents determine this before his birth – with the chip of their choice.

This is of course interesting for the economy, because it means that any shortage of skilled workers can be avoided right from the start.

The parents of the unborn child need only give their consent, for which they are richly rewarded. There are many other possible applications of chip-implant technology, but unfortunately this is still prohibited in 2118 for ethical reasons.

The black market trade is flourishing and criminals make a lot of money from the illegal trade of chips and civil consent documents.

But, as was the case a hundred years ago, there is a small group of idealists. These resist the common practice and there are more and more of them.

I am sure that she and her ideals will prevail.

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