Who is Silvia Schanze? Biography

Silvia Schanze lives with her family in Hamburg, Barcelona and Basel. She is an adventurer, optimist, business coach, trainer and instructor.

Who am I?

For many years of my life I had the chance to work for exciting, globally operating companies.

The Otto Versand, the Hypo-Vereinsbank, Olympus or the International Luge Federation were among them. Marketing, PR, social media and events were my hobbyhorses. I have always lived my job with passion. My desire for change came many years ago when I myself reached the limits of my capacity. Today I live my new vocation with the same passion.

I love working with people. My professional life has given me experience in dealing with production staff, office staff, athletes, functionaries, doctors and managing directors. So that communication is possible on all levels.

My individual travels through Syria, Jordan, Ethiopia, India, Morocco or for example the Sahara have taught me to look at the things in life from a different angle and to recognize what is really important.

What do I really enjoy?
To see how people arrive in themselves. To let heart and mind become one at Tango Argentino.

What do I really appreciate?

Me time. To have the courage to live freedom.

What is really important to me?

My wonderful husband, my adorable daughter and indispensably valuable friends

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