The one for whom the others count. Who is Simon Boehncke?

Simon was born and raised in Munich in 2000, his mother comes from a village in Baden Württemberg, his father from Bremen. He attended a grammar school for one year after primary school, but then moved to Ricarda Huch middle school. After middle school, he decided to move to FOS Nord and, after graduating from high school in social sciences, completed his general Abitur at the Rainer Werner Fassbinder FOS. For this purpose, he has written the seminar work entitled “Between incarnation and world domination – Artificial intelligence in film”, on which the utopia published here is based. Previously, he completed two internships, two months each, one in the Diakonie retirement home and the other in a municipal day care center in Schwabing. Since October he has been studying psychology in Innsbruck.

What drives you, Simon?

I spend a lot of time in the evangelical youth, organize conventions and go on youth holidays. Working with people is indispensable for me, among other things, for this reason, including my choice of psychology.

In addition, sport is one of my passions, at the moment preferably running or bouldering, but also many other sports on a leisure ly.

Reading has always been part of my life, formerly fantasy books, now novels.

Later I would like to pursue an activity professionally which, apart from the purpose of earning money, above all makes sense by helping people advance.

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